Scholarships and research grants in visual arts and humanities studies including:

2016 Tesco’s Bags for Change with Kentish Town Improvement Fund.
2015 -17 20 Costal Stations Air A-N and North Norway Cultural Council, Norway
2013 Swedish Government Hanaholmen Artist Award, Swedish Cultural Centre In Helsinki, Finland
2010 Awards for the Arts, The British Arts Council for Littoral Group Show
2009 Winner of Brent’s Wall of Resistance Community Art
2008 Awards for the Arts, The British Arts Council for Puzzle Project at Cricklewood Community Centre
2002 The Clerkenwell Green Association Business Support Grant 2002 – 
2004 London Arts Agency Ad Hoc Grant
Recipient of University of Kansas University Scholar, and The Sweden-America Foundation Scholarship


SEANSE Center for Artistic Production, Volda University College, Norway
Outotsu Printmaking Studio,Nishinomiya Osaka, Japan

20 Costal Stations
Air A-N and Sogn and Fjordane Museum of Art, Norway
2012 NIDA/SHARE Artistic Research Writing at Doctoral Level, Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania 
2008 AKI with UWE, Borders of Perception, Enschede , Holland

Represented in the permanent collections of Penang State Art Gallery in Malaysia, Library of Alexandria in Egypt, Brooklyn Museum of Art in NYC, Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, and Silpakorn University in Bangkok.


Six Senses Garden Printmaking Today Spring Issue

20 Coastal Stations NFK News Bodö, Norway

EL JARDÍ DELS SIS SENTITS David Bueno i Torrens, Barcelona, Spain

Royal Free Hospital School, London, UK

Sense of this Combination Wakayama News, Japan

Morphology of an Archive Goa Times, India

Morphology of an Archive Nahvind Times, India

20 Coastal Stations Firda News, Norway

On Regarding Pain IPEP India | | MUMBAI INDIA SATURDAY, OCT 15, 2016 

Listening Space Ham and High, UK

2015 De Nennie, R. The Dekreet, Middelburg, The Netherlands

2013 The Hindu, India

2010 Krabbendaam, H, Kunst en menschenrechten.Dicht bij huis beginnen Zeuws Tijdschrift , Netherlands

2009 Charpentier, CJ. Elegant Sculptural Kvallsposten,Sweden Lejon,T, Magical Usefulness, 60 degrees Osterlen Runt
Schwandt, E. Sculpture and prints at Gallery Mittbrodt, Olandsbladet

2002 Sundar, S. Signs of language, The Hindu, India

‘’Frimodig wanders through printmaking techniques from classical intaglio to mezzotint. All on paper, some on the wall and some ethereally sway. Here, strength is evident, with an idiosyncratic and individual stance to the visual which is sprung between the meeting between the past and the present.’’
JC Charpentier Kvällsposten

‘’The way in to this place, is internal. The effect is a strong feeling being present, which seeks its way inside one self- and then back out again to the external. Pure magic.’’
Thorbjörn Lejon Österlen Konst Runt

‘’Frimodig’s prints, especially the large etchings and dry point engravings of female figures have a magical character but also express a palpable sense of sadness. Maybe it’s the deep blackness in the quality of the engraved lines. These convey a sense that it is vital to meet each others gaze to behold, each other. ‘’
Erich Schwandt Ölandsbladet

‘’What makes Speak Up so powerful for me is that there the woman is, here mouth wrapped up making it difficult for her to speak, and yet she continues to do so. It’s as if the wrapping around her throat isn’t a means to keep her quiet, but is a means to enable her to have enough self-love to speak the truth without harmful consequences.

I can sit before Speak Up and ponder these and other questions for long, meditative, and always soulfully refreshing moments.’’
C. Carrington

EXHIBITIONS, a selection


2011 Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2006 Matthew Kay Gallery The Love Shoe Show, London, UK
Trapeze Gallery Collected Prints, Bangalore, India

2005 Kissho Gallery These things of a poetic resonance Osaka, Japan

Two (wo)man

2013 Hanaholmen Swedish Cultural Center, Islands, Helsinki, Finland

2011 Der Druckery Sprezzatura Art of Living Middelburg, Holland

2009 Gallery Valfisken Simrishamn’s Prefectural Gallery, Magical Usefulness, Sweden


20 Coastal Stations, Eat, Drink, Shit Norway Bodö Art Foundation, Bodö, Norway

Sense of this combination -Lotus Loss Garden Ashibeya –Imose Wakayama, Japan Sense of this combination

20 Coastal Stations Eat, Drink, Shit Norway Sogn and Fjordane Modern Art Museum , Förde, Norway

Morphology of an Archive- 90 Day Print Garden Museum of Goa, India
London Print Studio Summer Exhibition, UK

China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China These games people play by
Chaap Studios, Baroda, India

Beyond Words Artist’s books travelling exhibition through Thailand, New Zeeland, Australia and China

Gallery of Graphic Arts Silpakorn University Little Big Prints, Bangkok, Thailand

Estampadure Triennial, Toulose, France

H-Gallery Half Child Artist’s Books, Bangkok, Thailand Chaap Studios Chess, Travelling show in India

Juväskylä Art Museum Graphica Creativa Triennial, Museum of Central Finland

Ministry of Culture N.I Museum Of Macedonia, 2012 Graphic Arts Triennial, Bistola

Ministry of Bulgaria VI International Print Triennial, Sofia

Penang State Museum Gallery 2nd Penang International Print, Malaysia.

Kumu Art Museum 15th International Tallin Graafik Triennial, Estonia

CASO Contemporary Art Space A-21, Osaka, Japan

Ministry of Culture N.I Museum Of Macedonia

Graphic Arts Triennale, Bistola, Macedonia

Chaap and Baroda Print Studio Snakes and Ladders, Baroda, India

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center First Alexandria Biennale for Miniature

Graphics, Egypt
Wrexham Arts Centre Wrexham International Print Show, Wales

Spike Island Studios Hidden Impact Subverted Real Estate Placards, Bristol, UK

Willesden Cultural Centre The Wall Puzzle Project, London, UK

Balen Gebouw Gallery Borders of Perception, Enschede, The Netherlands

Federation Gallery BIMPE International Print, Vancouver, Canada

Osaka Prefectural Gallery A-21, Japan

CASO Contemporary Art Space A-21, Osaka, Japan

Spitalfields Arts SAFE Studios Freedom, London, UK

Mall Galleries Elephant Proof, London, UK

Grafikens Hus Gripsholms Castle In the garden, Mariefred, Sweden

CASO Contemporary Art Space A-21, Osaka, Japan

Coningsby’s Gallery Colour, London, UK

Stephen Lawrence Gallery Colour and Cultural Identities, London, UK in collaboration with the Lakereen Gallery, Mumbai, India.

Maru Gallery, A-21, Pusan, Korea 2001 A-21 Gallery A-21, Osaka, Japan.

Delgado Gallery New works, New Orleans, USA. 1992 World Art Gallery International Show, Seoul, Korea