Placing origami paper lotus on series of lithographs of skeletal and organ parts

PRINT PHYSICS GARDEN – A Sensory Print installation in action

Victoria and Albert Museum London

Friday Late Urban Gardening at Victoria and Albert museum in London staged an exploration of how a new kind of growing is springing up across the capital. Faced with a continuing population boom and climate change, visitors discovered how citizens are leading the revolution in food production and helping to create a more edible city.

I ran an interactive print performance together with Ralph Kigell in a room filled with scented herbs, plants and spices. It was based on London’s first physic garden which opened in 1673. Still there today, the Physics Garden is an enchanting walled garden in Chelsea where the city’s apothecaries once tended exotic species from around the world.

On the night 500 people passed through and 200+ drop- in participants built an urban physic garden printing with plants, spices and herbs, with inks and rollers in this sensory printmaking experience.
The printing extravaganza resulted in a 6.9-meter-long print.

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at Ashibeya Imose Villa, Wakayama Japan

Sense of this Combination commemorated over the tsunami and the melt down catastrophe of the Fukushima Nuclear plant. Together with the public I folded origami lotuses covering my prints of body parts. It was a process of working through grief.

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Placing origami paper lotus on series of lithographs of skeletal and organ parts


Museum of Goa Modern Art, India

Starting in February 1st , I sent a daily postcard with an imaginary correspondence of Orta, a 16th century herbalist with Goans until the 2 of May when the show closed. The correspondence transforms an archive giving it a new shape which grows from day to day. The postcards are hung on strings with clothes pegs. Day by day, the collection of postcards grew as a garden.

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Eat, Drink, Shit Norway

Sogn and Fjordane Museum of Modern Art, Norway

Everyone must go to the Arctic circle, once. To be in awe of its nature, is to be filled with light. Nevertheless, not all is well in the paradise of the High North. On a closer look, it turned out that the Arctic paradise had not escaped environmental degradation. Polar bears develop breathing problems from London smog. Besides opening up the world, globalism also exemplifies interconnectedness in a negative way.

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Bangkok Heroes

Middelburg Abbey Crypt, Holland

Bangkok Heroes is a tribute to the trash collectors in Bangkok and of the world who keep cities clean where the governments fail to support recycling and waste management.

Often looked upon as human trash, the collectors are the unsung heroes of daily urban life.

Magical Usefulness

Simrishamn Prefectural Gallery of Art, Sweden

Life Journey

Helsinki Hanaholmen Swedish Cultural Center, Finland

Islands for Artworks

Helsinki Hanaholmen Swedish Cultural Center, Finland

Graphica Creativa

Central Finland Juvaskyla Museum of Art, Finland

Frimodig Extract from Blog Graphica Creativa Triennial, Juväskylä Art Museum,Museum of Central Finland.

Looking at me, Looking at you was a print and digital media installation streamed from Thailand to Finland as a continuously updated blog reflecting on the male gaze and women’s lives.

Frimodig was part of a small group of recognized female artists representing Sweden at the triennial.

Looking at me

In Bangkok an article read on the recruitment of air cabin staff in Korea in the Thai newspaper that The Nation’states ‘Asia’s beauty advantage’ is:

”Equal opportunities regulations enforced on Western Airlines mean that positions are not restricted to the young and ‘physically perfect’. In contrast, Asian carriers still seem to stress beauty and youth as main criteria for judging candidates. Could this be one of the reasons why Asian airlines are miles ahead of competition? “

Stuart-Leach, H (The Nation Sunday the 13th of November 2011)


Women of frippery and bows, in stilettos on uneven asphalt. Long and slim brown legs in hot pants. Women for show on show.

Between the opposite cultures of East and West, worlds so different they seem to be of competing universes, worth was skin deep only.