Lectures, Conference Activity and Paper Presentations

2017 Six Senses Garden Rubio School of Horticulture, Barcelona, Spain

2016 Printers Unite! Domestic upheaval: Woman Wallpaper Printers and the French Revolution, Marx Memorial Museum London and Centre for Printing History and Culture Birmingham University

Adaptive Traits: The Evolution of Recent Printmaking across Asia and Europe – Print as Social Engineering, IMPACT International Printmaking China Academy of Art, Hangzhuo, China. 2015

LUUKS: Communication is Play and Provocation. Symposium Laboratorium Nederland 1955-1970 De opstand van de Homo Ludens op film, televisie en in museumobjecten: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. 2014

The Longest Print: An artist’s intervention for policy change. KKH Royal Academy of Arts, Art and Architecture School, Stockholm, Sweden. 2014

Artist’s Talk. Graphica Creativa Seminar: Neighbours. Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland. 2012 On the social role of the image. NCBS National Institute for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India. 2012

Introducing underprivileged 16-19 year olds to the cultural and creative industries. Bootstrap Open Studios, Dalston Hackney Council, London. 2010

Freedomhouse – Art and Graphic Arts as a Tool for Human Rights Education. Inspiration Day for Human Rights Education and Legislation for its New Curriculum. Akademie de Witte, The Hague, The Netherlands. 2010

Roosevelt’s WPA Graphic Arts Division. Art as a Tool for Freedom Symposium. Roosevelt Academy and University of Utrecht, Middelburg, The Netherlands. 2010

Imprint of a Dialogue: Intersecting Images, Tracing Lives. 4th International Conference on the Arts in Society. Venice, Italy. 2009

Silent Witnesses, Fine Art Prints and Biography. Performing biographies and the art of interpretation. Pauza Foundation and European Sociological Association, Cracow, Poland. 2008